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Planting and plumbing adventures!

May 6, 2010

After work one day I stepped up to the sink to find the floor wet, and I didn’t think much of it because I thought maybe our dishwashermobile had splashed some water out of the sink during a cycle -as in water ricocheted off a bowl or something- so I got out a towel and stamped it on the water spill then started making dinner.  But when I returned to the sink a few hours later (after eating dinner, watching a show, rinsing the dishes and cleaning up after the meal)  the floor was still extremely wet so we opened up the cupboard below the sink and took a look at the pipes.  The bottom of the trap looked pretty rusted from our ill-lit position so Andrew grabbed a rag to dab the bottom of the trap to see if it was leaking.  He barely touched the pipe and it started to not just drip, but stream steadily out a hole the size of pencil tip.  Ack!

When I told Ben, our landlord Uncle, about the problem the next day at work he told us that happens all the time and we could just get replacement pieces at the hardware store.  Thus, we purchased the necessary items and came back home to fix the sink in a jiffy.  It was going to be a grand yet easy adventure, our first experience with the wilds of plumbing as a couple.  We got home and Andrew got out some work gloves to take the trap off; see exhibit A, above.  However it was so rusted that the moment he started untwisting the tightener thing at the top, the trap twisted into two pieces and fell off the other side; see picture top left.  Okay, trap gone, we pulled out our new pieces, but found we needed to loosen the tightener thing on the other side, but it was rusted through and no longer water-tight, so we yanked that off and then proceeded to try and unscrew the pipe that hooked inside of the big and heavy important-looking pipe (exhibit C) because we would need to put a new tightener on it from the back, but that wouldn’t budge.  It was rusted in there tight.  We decided to stop being plumbers and call Ben.  So much for our easy fix.

Ben came over a night or two later to inspect and fix the problem himself, but ended up pulling out all the big important-looking pipes except for the one going back into the wall.  Then he called a plumber.  The plumber came a day or two later and fixed it all in ten minutes.

Sigh.  We probably should have just done that in the first place.  Ah well.  All beautiful and non-rustable plastic pipes now!  Hooray!

The blue and red paper above was designed by Karen Foster

Embellishments and other papers are from the kits Festival, Promise, and Carrie Stephens’ Spontaneous Delight downloaded from  Shabby Princess

The pages were put together with

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