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THE Trip

June 20, 2010

First of all, we all need to commemorate a very special occasion: I mowed our back lawn!  I ran a lawnmower by myself and cut the grass.  Astounding you say? Oh, astounding that I have never done it before.  Yes, I see your point -I am 26.  But in my defense, I have two older brothers and a dad whose job it was to do this weekly ritual.  Although at our current home it happens maybe once a month.  Let the grass grow free we say!  In any case, the reason I mowed the lawn instead of my sweetheart is that he did just have a double hernia repair and we needed to make sure the lawn was cut so it won’t turn into a jungle while we are away on our fabulous trip.

That’s right, we will soon be leaving on a very exciting adventure with Andrew’s family to………Egypt, Jordan, and Israel!  Andrew is a little worried, what with the recent surgery and already having some issues with digestion, but I will make up for it and be doubly, no triply excited because this will also be the first time I have ever been out of the country!  What a way to begin being a world traveler.  At work on Friday I was smiling and whistling the whole day, what a trip it will be.  I have also already deleted all extraneous pictures on my camera’s memory card so I can take as many pictures as possible.  So there will be all sorts of updates when we get back documenting our travels.  Hooray!

Page credits: CS Stephens’, “Spontaneous Delight” and “Happy Go Lucky,” both accessed from Shabby Princess; both pages made with Paint.NET

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