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Egypt first full day

July 17, 2010

My favorite part about the camels is that they look like they are always smiling, as you can see below.  I also didn’t realize how big they are; some looked to be about nine feet tall -or at least that’s how tall I felt on top!  Riding a camel was sort of like riding a very fat tall horse.  When the camel stands up and gets down are the most exciting parts because you see-saw back and forth while it bends it’s back and then front legs.

The above postpage was made with the papers and embellishments from the kit by ATeets, Sunporch, from ShabbyPrincess

I had no idea that people had started to build so close to the pyramids; I honestly thought they were in the middle of nowhere.  When they were first built I’m sure they were farther away from any settlements so the Pharaohs could protect their after-life riches, but the reality of it all is that the architects of these stone structures probably came back themselves to loot the tombs, not random grave-robbers.  We got to go inside the one that still has some of the smooth limestone at the apex.  It is not at all what Hollywood depicts it to be; just a long steep tunnel -uphill both ways- that leads to a larger room where the sarcophagus would have been.  We were not allowed to take pictures inside the tunnel even though there weren’t any cool carvings.

The last two postpages were made with the kit titled Vintage Florals from ShabbyPrincess,
with the words “The Pyramids” using the  “Black Epoxy” alphabet from Marie Stones.

As always, the layouts of all these postpages were put together with the program

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  1. Amy permalink
    July 17, 2010 12:10 pm

    Looks like the trip of a life time! I have also taken a camel for a ride, quite the experience! I felt so unstable it was awesome 🙂

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