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Indiana Jones!

September 18, 2010

I’ve been wracking my brain trying to think what else I could talk about our time in Petra and I remembered a silly story.  While staying at this neat hotel they served some interesting dishes including one named “Gordon Chicken Blue.” When we saw the sign we all kind of giggled and looked to see what was in the chaffing dish, and sure enough it was some sort of chicken cordon-bleu variation.  It was very nice of the cooks to accommodate our Western tastes.   It was a relief to stay in this clean and quaint village after that nasty place by Sinai; everyone in our family wanted to stay longer, but we had lots of things to do that day so we only stayed in Jordan the one night and morning before leaving for Israel in afternoon.  There were so many awesome pictures to take there that I’ll probably be posting more about Jordan.

E-mail about this portion of our trip: click here

Credits: Font: Segoe Script; papers and embellishments: Summer Cottage and Carrie Stephens’ Spontaneous Delight, from ShabbyPrincess; vehicle for construction: Paint.NET

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