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Petra, Masada, and The Dead Sea!

October 4, 2010

Just around a bend and down a hill then up a hill from the Indiana Jones facade of excitement, there were much bigger and impressive facades to be found, like the one pictured in the top left corner.  The caves underneath don’t go too much farther back than what you can see, and like all the caves in the area were used to bury the dead.  Amy found a lovely rounded chair to lounge on; Emilie posed underneath those neat rock striations; Mary found herself the center of attention while our guide showed us how to use the native rocks to pretty ourselves up.  We watched a dude make sand art and I bought a couple of them.  Then at the bottom you can see the later Roman influence in the architecture.

Our next visit was to Masada. It was a sad place to visit because of it’s history. Herod built this great fortress in the middle of nowhere to retire to in case of danger; later a group of rebellious Jews retreated there to escape Roman influence. However, the Roman armies marched on them and after several years of siege were able to mount the cliff to find the people had all committed suicide rather than suffer the repercussions of their disaffection.

Floating in The Dead Sea was slimy, but cool.  As hard as you tried you just couldn’t get underneath the surface of the water.  Because of all the salt, the water was very slimy and even though I didn’t have any cuts on my legs, in a few places where I must have had some scratches it stung like crazy.  The picture at the top is the view from our hotel room overlooking The Red Sea, which we snorkeled in after we left Petra.

Credits: The papers and embellishments are from the kit “Clementine” purchased from the Shabby Shoppe

The font used on the second page is “Juice ITC”

The page was put together with Paint.NET

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