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We sailed across the Galilee

December 13, 2010

We stayed for a few days in Galilee.  Our first official activity (after doing several loads of laundry, resting, and relaxing for a night) was to have a boat ride across the Galilee.  The countryside and cities surrounding the lake were described, and speculations were made as to where Jesus could have walked and taught.  A picture of the neat boat we rode is pictured above.  Our first stop after landing was at the Church of the Beatitudes, the popular hillside supposed to be where He taught the great sermon.  Andrew is standing in front of the Church as well as next to one of the Latin signs.  This page is also documenting our last night in Galilee when we enjoyed a fresh-fish-from-the-Galilee dinner.  It was a little sparse.  And kind of creepy to be eating a fish that was looking at you.  When I finished my  meal, my meal unaccountably arranged itself as above to look at me.  So accusatory!

In Galilee there was a small area where a village was created that emulated what it may have been like 2,000ish years ago when Jesus was growing up. It was here that we got a free souvenir of an oil lamp. I liked this part of our touring. If only we had been able to take our shoes off and squish some grapes or something the pioneer village -I mean Galilean Village- atmosphere would have been complete.

Credits: Bradley Hand ITC, font; Paint.NET, scrapping vehicle; “Summer Cottage” scrapbook supplies, Shabby Princess

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  1. December 14, 2010 6:41 am

    Your snow follows my mouse … creepy!

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