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Spelunking in the Holy Land

October 1, 2011

That's the best it gets. 2% good.

That is the advertising used to convince us to buy a chocolate ice-cream while we waited our turn to buy tickets. Mmm mmm 2 good %! …Whatever that even means.  We were not tempted.

Such cute ragamuffin faces!

Before buying tickets to go through the tunnel, we had to make sure the youngest of our group could slog through the water all right. We had Explorer McCurlystache measure Amy and Emilie. They barely made the height requirements.

There was a cool inscription on a tablet near the end of the tunnel that described how the tunnel was made.They started excavating from both ends. They found their way together by the tapping of their hammers. Quite a feat considering how long the tunnel is: 533 meters. The tunnel near the end got very tall. The reason for this is that the tunnelers on that side were digging well above their counterparts and they had to dig down to make it even. The tunnel was very narrow throughout -only one person wide- and even I had to stoop at times so I wouldn’t hit my head on the tunnel roof. If you ever go to Jerusalem you should put it on the list to go through Hezekiah’s Tunnel.

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New tunnel article

Wikipedia site on Hezekiah’s Tunnel

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Coming soon to UngieBungie: some sweet caves, Gethsemane, and coming home!

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