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Great Britain

March 28, 2012

We arrived in the late morning. The weather seemed pretty nice. Cloudy and comfortably cool. Our taxi drivers dropped us off blocks from our hotel claiming they couldn’t get around the cycling competition going on in the area and that the hotel was close. So we lugged our luggage what felt like miles to our hotel. And the pavement was uneven and decorative in places like cobblestones and it was uphill. We were not very happy with the cabbies, especially when there were cars driving past on the road beside us. Then there was the trouble with the rooms. They gave our room keys to other people. What a hassle, and it was still just morning. We had a classic English breakfast at a little cafe down Berkeley Street. Our first order of business was to walk through Green Park to see the changing of the guard. We arrived and it was crowded with people all waiting for the same thing. We waited until the appointed time. The time went past. Cyclers in the competition cycled past. Then we heard someone say they weren’t doing the change of the guard because of the race. We walked back through the park towards our hotel and Piccadilly; the family decided to get tickets for one of those double-decker bus tours.

The weather stayed nice for a good portion of our bus tour. The sun was out and shining, we saw neat sculptures, important monuments, and famous streets and landmarks. That is what these tours are for, of course.

Then the weather changed. It poured. The last time I had seen rain come down like that was in Washington. We were sitting on the top and although we had picked up plastic ponchos, the rain got a little too heavy and we had to stow away inside. You can’t really see anything from the inside of those buses. We all eventually started to drift off. It had been a long and tiring day. But we had arrived, and were ready for adventures!… after a good nap.

Credits: Hopscotch kit from Shabby Princess; font: Roman; and paint.NET

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  1. March 28, 2012 8:39 pm

    We sure looked like a bunch of zombies. You forget how jet lagged you are going to be!

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