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Ship in a bottle

May 28, 2012

Fish and Chips at Niel's to the person who correctly identifies the painting and painter of the veggie art -bonus points to the non-internet user!

We circled Trafalgar Square quite a few times on these bus tours for some reason, so I had several opportunities to photograph all the famous things located there, instead I focused on the ship in a bottle and veggie art and then totally ignored the rest of the statuary and fountains including lions; Nelson’s Tower; the National Gallery; “famous pigeons;” King George IV… I just really liked the National Gallery’s super neat botanical depiction of a famous work of art and I got a pretty good picture of that while our bus was headed out of the square.

Love that Horses of Helios statue, magnificent! And who can resist a red phone booth picture: classic. Didn’t want to get inside though, who knows what goes on inside of those things -nose picking at the very least.

Credits: Paint.NET; Barefoot from Shabby

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