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The random things I take pictures of

August 7, 2012

Let's build like that here!

Andrew considers the architecture carefully. Very ponderously he considers them. The only one I recognize is Her Majesty’s Theatre. The others are just a few examples of the amazing variety in architecture and color the city of London boasts. I loved looking at all the different facades, window coverings, columns. It makes the city so much more endearing.
A wonderful variety of ... things

Simply because I love taking pictures random things I see and sharing them, these are other oddities I found while on our trip last year in Britain. The gargoyle and metal baboon statues were at The Tower of London. Those beautiful naked golden women jumping into Piccadilly Circus were a random site to be seen. Fun clocks, a completely random fox made of … hay? I think I remember Mr. Fox being by a bus station depot. Britons have an interesting way of hiding their construction by covering all their scaffolding behind walls of plants. And then of course the London Eye. Strange place to have a Ferris Wheel.World Travelers

Credits: Gracie, from Shabby and paint.NET

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