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Bathing and Statfording

January 9, 2013

I don't think I really want to jump in.

The bath in Bath was full of green water. I wonder what color it was when people went there all the time back in the day when it was extolled as “healing” waters? Or maybe it was the interior baths they bathed in? Those looked orange (not pictured). All the time we were there I was thinking of Jane Austen and what the little town may have looked like in her time. Oh, and I love that there were some exposed original piping in the floor there. Pretty nifty.

...wherein I'll catch the conscience of the King!

Our next stop was Statford-upon-Avon, a lovely little tourist trap where we each had a pasty and made-on-the-premises-Statford-upon-Avon ice cream, and looked in silly touristy shops with knick knack paddy wack junk. However, it is also where my honey got his open-face pocket-watch, in one of the finer shops. The reason for going to Statford-upon-Avon is not to go on the tour of Shakespeare’s possible-but-totally-unlikely home, but to see one of his plays at the Royal Shakespeare Company Theatre! The Macbeth we saw was just amazing. And because we got a picture of Andrew with Hamlet, the poor fellow, I’ve included a Hamlet quotation too. Sorry about the small print on the notebook paper,  I made this page image way too big (7200 by 7200 pixels) and it doesn’t quite work with the text that size. Here is the print by itself:

The thing to do in Statford-upon-Avon is marveling at the amazing performances of the Royal Shakespeare Company in their newly renovated theatre. The playhouse has several stories of seats surrounding three sides of the “thrust stage” making the farthest seat away a mere 15 meters, or about 40 feet. We had the great pleasure of watching Macbeth and it was breathtakingly good! The witches were children, the most delightfully eerie witch-children you have ever seen, who started out the play hanging by the neck from ropes, and when they predict Macbeth’s ominous rise to power, they writhed on the end of the ropes. It was powerful, and creepier than any other witches I have ever seen play the part. In short —the play was masterfully done!

On our way out of Britain we had dinner at a family restaurant where they had a balloon guy tying balloons for kids. Emilie looks like a kid, so she got a balloon and then jokingly I whined that I wanted one too, but I wanted a monkey, so the gent came back after entertaining real kids and tied me one up too!
And then of course, before taking the Chunnel, we had to take pictures at the train station where young witches and wizards take the platform 9 3/4 to get on the Hogwarts train. Some young wizard (it had to be a boy) left his trolley halfway through the wall delighting all muggles who come across it. Actually, we really had to run around searching for that thing because the station was under construction and it wasn’t actually on the platform between 9 and 10. It was at some random corner on the outside of the station if I’m remembering correctly, there was a huge line of people waiting to pose with it, and I’m just positive it ruined the magical community’s portal to Hogwarts for quite some time. Some other portal must have been opened elsewhere…

Next post: Arc de Triomphe!

Credits: Organic paper and embellishments from Shabby Princess; paint.NET for combining and editing of all elements; and the fancy text is called Bleeding Cowboys, created by Last Soundtrack.

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