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Ah oui, C’est Paris!

February 25, 2013

Actually, it was more like seven tickets

Our family really enjoyed visiting France. In Paris the people were friendly and helpful, the places we visited were beautiful and historical, and we were able to relax in the ambiance of this great city. Our hotel was pretty close to the Eiffel Tower and we visited or passed by it or under it several times during our stay. I took several pictures of the structure itself and will dedicate a montage to the great iron tower soon. Our family got tickets to go up the elevator to the second level, which was still rather high and afforded a great view of the city. We could have taken the stairs, it is true, but opted to forgo the 300+ winding steps, wind, and time it would have taken —we were already all pretty tired, thank you.

It was really bright, so we closed our eyes for the picture.

What can I say about one of the most magnificent structures in Paris? It was amazing to see!

The details

I was enthralled by the detailed stonework. The carvings circling the top of the arch have Frenchmen marching off to glory in all sorts of time periods, and as you walk around the structure, you can see how the clothing and gear changes with time. To get to the top, which also had a great view, we climbed a winding stair. And now, for the cream:

The most dynamic statuary on the arch

I remember spending a good deal of time in AP Art History talking about the Arc de Triomphe and most especially Le Départ de 1792, or La Marseillaise, by François Rude the most dynamic statue on the arch. I loved being able to see the movement and energy of the piece up close. Who wouldn’t follow the call to war from this Goddess of War personifying liberty! She calls people of all ages and times to rally forth unto battle against tyranny. I’m glad the zoom on my camera was able to capture so perfectly the face of the man in front. Such wonderful detail! Doesn’t it make you feel inspired? On our way to the top there was an antechamber before the roof where some of the pieces that had fallen off and not taken too much damage were on display. To give you an idea of the size of this head, it appeared to be able to just fit through the doorways. The sculpture in its entirety is about 42 feet tall, and is one of the four colossal groups mounted on the Arc de Triomphe.


Blue font on all pages: Old Paris Nouveau Titling

Paper and embellishments from the kit “Barefoot” by Shabby Princess

Put together with paint.NET

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