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May 13, 2013

We visited a lot of neat cathedrals and museums in Paris with our amazing museum and cathedral pass.

The pass of all passes

We got in to all sorts of places with this little gem.

The bells! The bells!

One of the first we went to was The Cathedral of Notre Dame. Magnificent architecture, statuary, stained glass, and hunchbacks.

inside and out

I thought it was neat to see the outside of a rose window as well as the inside of one. These are not the same window, I’m rather directionally challenged, however I was happy that my camera captured the details of the stained-glass pieces from outside (behind the Mother Mary, Jesus, and… angel statues). It was a difficult cathedral to take pictures in —allowed without flash—because it was very crowded and the lighting wasn’t very good.

A beautiful nearby cathedral we also visited that day was Sainte-Chapelle.

Look at that stained glass!

I wish I could have shown my Grandpa, who worked with stained glass and made lamps,  these amazing stained-glass story boards. This website has a good compendium of all the bible stories pictured in the chapel. From my research, this chapel was built and used by King Louis IX and the inhabitants of the royal palace in the 13th century. Wikipedia has some nice bright pictures, etc;
Love those gargoyles!

“Summer Cottage” from Shabby Princess
Paint.NET to put it all together
Font to make it pretty

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