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April 23, 2014

Couldn't get her to fall asleep any other way

Baby C. Archer was terribly tricky to get to sleep in the beginning. After the third night or so of getting up every hour (as in 10-30 minutes after putting her down from feeding) I gave up and let her sleep on my chest in the wee hours of the morning. It was about 4 AM or thereabouts. We slept cozy and happy together until about 7 or 8 if I recall correctly, and it was Lovely! Since then she and I have worked together to get abed and asleep to everyone’s satisfaction. It includes a routine of bath-time, medicine for acid reflux, tight swaddling, story time with Daddy, then lullabies and feeding with a white noise machine in her dark room. Boy that sounds like a lot, but when she went from waking up every hour to sleeping 5-10 hours a night, I don’t really care. What works works!

Paper and embellishments from a kit called Happy Baby, design inspired by one of the samples in the kit!

font: KG Eyes Wide Open

Put together with paint.NET

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