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With my hair in a beehive, my skirts four times as wide as me, and wearing high heels, I sauntered down the long avenues of the Versailles grounds with servants fanning me all the while. It was immense; we were there from nine-thirty in the morning until sixteen in the afternoon.

May 16, 2014

Royal Family digs:
Just a small country palace
An occasional residence for the Absolute Monarch, the wifey and the kids

The opulence
The scene in Midnight in Paris where the private eye is lost in time and running from the guards makes me laugh.

French gardening
Lovely expansive gardens

Marie Antoinette sure has taste
Nothing like a nice breezy open veranda

“My dear, I think I need my own palace. This one that we share just isn’t big enough for the two of us. I need SPACE.”
It has to be pink marble!

How quaint!
I hope that quaint french villagers were commanded to occupy this idyllic little village. And that they were instructed to burst into song and dance when The Lady came to visit. Also, there must be pigs. Happy fat pigs. Little did they know the pigs weren’t just on the farm. Don’t you think that pig looks like the guards from Sleeping Beauty? I love it.

Credits: Lavender Dreams by Veronica Spriggs and Gracie from Shabby Princess
Font: Oo La la

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