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The Venetian Boatmen

May 15, 2015

It was hot and sunny as we traipsed around St. Mark’s Square. Tourists were feeding the pigeons in the middle of the square. The birds would flock to people whenever it was apparent they had food to share and land on heads and arms prompting screams from adults and children alike. Later, Andrew and I found a sign that said it was forbidden to feed the pigeons. Woops. Andrew said there were quite bit less pigeons than the last time they were here.

Josh feeds wild animals
We explored the Doge’s Palace, seeing beautiful artwork on the walls and ceilings, and walked through some of the prison in the basements. We enjoyed good Italian food: pizza, pasta, risotto, lots of cheeses, and of course gelato. There is nothing like real gelato:






In the evening when we were on our way to and from dinner through St. Mark’s Square, there were three small musical performing groups, about three or four people each, playing in front of different restaurants. The square is so big that the sounds didn’t really mingle or confuse with each other. It was neat. All the little shops sell glass from Moreno, carnival masks, and fancy scarves. There are also a lot of clothiers, shoe stores, and leather-goods type stores, and of course restaurants and cafes for gelato and other treats.


We took a gondola tour and saw a building that apparently belonged to someone named Marco Polo :0) It was interesting watching the gondoliers maneuver the boats; it was quite the balancing act, and pushing off walls and the undersides of low bridges. Our gondolier said that if you want to be one, you have to start training as a child and I think I remember him saying they are all family businesses. You can see some of the deterioration and discoloration of the foundations in one of the pictures, and it was fun to see the entrances to buildings as simply an opening straight into the water. I wonder if people in a hurry ever find themselves stepping right into the canal because they took a wrong turn through an open door.

Clementine from Shabby Princess in sepia
Scriptina font

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