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Daddy and Cate selfies: the only kind worth perusing

January 8, 2016


I love my little Cate and her wonderful Dadda, who watches her every morning. They have become the best of baby friends and love having adventures together…

Explorer Buddies

From Left to Right, Top to Bottom, growing up: Napping: look how tiny she was! She fitted that newborn size for months, January 2014; identical smiles, May; Jabba the Hut and Princess Leia lounging on the couch, June; Adventure Baby in bib and Daddy behatted ready for walking exploration, June; Daddy’s birthday with Cate, September; Cate loving her new companion cube ball and making funny faces, December; Shy smiles with Kanga in the foreground, February 2015; peekaboo from behind the couch, March; pondering the future and leaves on trees March;

Daddy and Cate selfies!

Chillin’ on the couch, baby in her adventure infinity scarf, June 2015; rocking the shark hat, July; Enjoying a sucker October; tapping her foot to the music at the school, October; Giggling on the floor at Grandma’s, November; Watching Curious George with Daddy on the couch, December; Laying down on the most comfortable pillow in the house and cuddling with her favorite Dadda!

credits: Shabby Princess Plentiful, Affair to Remember, Barefoot, Bella, Clementine, Gracie, Summer Cottage, and Lavender Dreams kits


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