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Hallstatt 2013 trip

January 14, 2016

built into the mountain

Ah! Hallstatt! It is beautiful here. We have been doing a lot of lovely relaxing here. Our room is amazing. Hardwood floors, king-size double bed, nice balcony overlooking the lake. We have been enjoying not doing anything. Lots of naps, reading, enjoying the view, and eating good meals and desserts.


At breakfast our waiter brings us all out a hot chocolate that has been really yummy. Emilie especially has loved this part of the morning. The local eggs they serve here have yolks that can be almost as orange as cheddar. I’ve been making deviled eggs or egg-salad at breakfast: yum!


The dessert of choice here has been an ice cream sundae called Heiße Liebe, “Hot Love” which is vanilla ice cream, warm chunky raspberry sauce, and whipped cream. Everyone liked it so much that Yvette has made it on several occasions since we’ve been home.


I loved this house/shop and its tree.




The flock of swans


We loved Hallstatt so much that we decided maybe we would send out Christmas cards later that year, an annual tradition we had thus far never undertaken… And still haven’t to this day in 2016. This is the picture I would have chosen. Merry Christmas two years ago! It’s probably the only year I had a real excuse not to send them out because it was the last month before having baby and that was definitely the most uncomfortable.


The one activity we had planned during our stay was a visit to the famous salt mines. They are the oldest known salt mines in the world, and are still in use today. This is the tram ride track. Pretty steep!


The best part about the mines is that they have slides! When you buy your tickets they give you this little outfit to wear over your clothes to protect them from getting dirty. The seat of the pants have some extra thick padding.


Josh put his trousers on inside-out accidentally, but it worked to his advantage because he went super fast on both slides. On the biggest salt mine slide in the world, the second in the mine, we got photographed and clocked, and Josh was going 41.2 km/hr or some ridiculous speed. He could have slid right off the end of the slide if he wanted to; it was at least 10 km/hr faster than anyone else had gone. Andrew and I looked ridiculous in our slide pictures, so I didn’t include them for you to laugh at.


Some salt lamps. Now that I am looking at them again, I want one. Urgh. Why didn’t I get one? Let’s go back to Hallstatt! Hmm. I think that may be Emilie looking ghostly in the background.


Credits: paint.Net
Kingthings Christmas font
Barefoot kit from Shabby Princess

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