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Curious George and turning 2!

January 18, 2016

Yellow Hat weecakies

Delicious almond cake with strawberries in the filling, yellow buttercream frosting, hand-rolled red callebaut chocolate balls and Curious George on top! Cate’s favorite, however, were the yellow hat chocolate weecakies. She kept asking “more yellow hat…please?!” She was adorable when she blew out the candles, and clapped afterward and kicked her legs in joy. What a sweetheart!

mmm weecakies!

Cate enjoying the yellow hat Weecakies. I think she may have had more than anyone. Probably around 10. It was her birthday right?

Cate, always well mannered, put all the wrapping paper into the garbage held by Opa.

Shake shake shake! Shake that present! (It was a puzzle)

What a wonderful day for a wonderful girl!



Cake and Weecakies provided by her lovely and talented Grandmother

Curious George pictures


Gracie kit from Shabby Shoppe

lavender dreams paper by Veronica Spriggs

Montez font

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