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May 26, 2016

Blue eggs

They hatched!

Byebye birdies!

The babies grow up pretty quickly. And they weren’t terribly noisy either. I saw the Mommy bird feed them once and that was the only time I heard them chirping. The one that was on the doorstep actually fell out (or hopped out) of the nest a day or two before its siblings. It really freaked us out. Or at least me. I was afraid the neighbor’s cat would find it, or some other predator. It stayed the night by itself on the raised garden shelf by our tree of sharon and the next few days it seemed to learn things and wander off and go exploring a lot more than the other two. The last baby bird stayed in the nest for a while, but when it finally did come down, it seemed like it was the Daddy bird that was training it more. We watched it hop around the rocks around our pine tree and then go and practice worm catching in the neighbor’s yard. What fun to have a robin family raise their babies in our front yard!




barefoot kit from shabby

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