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Some of the best spaghetti I’ve ever had, in S—

May 27, 2016

the best spaghetti you'll ever have
Is this not the best looking dish of spaghetti you’ve ever seen? Well it’s delicious too. Mmmm white chocolate crumbles.

even the McDonalds sign was cool

“June 18,2013
S— is hot and humid. And of course our rooms’ air conditioning doesn’t work. Our hotel is also a little silly in that it has all sorts of Sound of Music memorabilia hanging on the walls. Lots of behind-the-scenes photographs and scenes from the movie of course. The hotel itself also has the option of renting blu-rays. Tomorrow we might watch Amadeus (it’s only fitting) while the rest of the family goes to Hellbrunn. Today we visited Mozart’s home where he was born and lived most of his growing up-when he wasn’t off being a child prodigy with his sister. We also took the Rick Steves tour of downtown S— which was fun. Andrew finally got some lederhosen! On sale for 99 euro and a nice vest to go with them. He looks super cute in them. Emilie and I also got some really cute dirndls.”

I can’t remember whose room it was, but they had the iconic shadow picture of Maria and The Captain on their wall and one night one of the occupants woke up and almost jumped out of bed because she thought someone was in the room. Heeheehee.


Sunporch by Amy Teets

font: monster paparazzi


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