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Midway … from here to an Ice Castle

May 28, 2016

Not sure this is the Midway Ice Castle

Earlier this year we decided to visit the Midway Ice Castle and it was really neat. A little more crowded than was cool, but pretty awesome nonetheless. Cate was a little young to have a ton of fun exploring on her own, but she oooo-ed and aaaaah-ed, said “lights!” when the lights would change colors behind the ice and name the colors she recognized, and then would point for us to go examine other things. She had some fun trying to walk on the uneven snow/ice ground, but mostly liked being carried. The ice sculptors had even made a “narrows” to navigate, which Cate walked through a few times with one of us following behind, a long ice slide for big kids, and a smaller ice slide for toddlers. We got in line for the small person slide, but then bumped our heads on the low ice ceiling and Cate immediately wanted out of the line. Unfamiliar slides are just hit or miss. There was a tiny waterfall, and a big water fountain in the middle of the castle; Cate and I are standing next to it in the picture, but it’s really hard to see. We could have gotten our picture with an Ice Princess but opted not to do that. There were skinny tunnels to crawl through and all sorts of different aged people were trying to squeeze through them like young ice-spelunkers. It was cold, as you can see we bundled up pretty well, but it wasn’t freezing. Once you got inside the ice structure it was sheltered from canyon winds so it seemed a little warmer. I’m happy we explored it, and would be excited to visit again!

Photo credit: Ken Skuse, found on Midway Ice Castle’s website


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