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Loveland Living Planet Aquarium

March 13, 2018


The aquarium here in Utah is surprisingly good for a landlocked state and it is perfect for walking babies. Almost all of the exhibits are low enough for small children to easily see inside and often have small ledges they can sit or climb up on for a better view. Until Cate turned 3, her membership was free so we visited often. I love the picture at the top of Cate looking so intently at the fish and that beautiful sea anemone or coral or whatever that pink flowy thing is. It’s one of Cate’s favorite exhibits because there are a couple of blue tangs in it; one that looks like Dory and another of the lighter blue ones.


I have tons of pictures of my daughter at the aquarium. Like projector-wheels full of them. Not really, but a lot since we have been members for three years. The last time we went she was being a little rambunctious and I told her it was time to go. She was climbing on the whale statues at the moment and declared she didn’t want to go. So I said well how long do you want to stay? Her reply, “I want to stay forever!” and when she said forever her voice got all deep and menacing and she narrowed her eyes at me. She even let me capture it on video after I stopped laughing so I can treasure it forever.

finding Dory

Dory! Also in this ocean-themed room, a smaller tank with Nemo and Marlin in it (and often a third clownfish) as well as the ray tank where you can, if you’re lucky, touch the fins of the rays as they swim by the sides. There are also sea stars, sea horses, an octopus and other cephalopods, as well as the entrance to the big shark tank with a water tunnel so you can see the fish swimming over and all around you.

feeding time

The exit is nefariously placed inside the gift-shop and although Cate does not often ask us to get her things, we do spend quite a lot of time there playing with the toys and hugging stuffed sea creatures, I admire the socks and think about buying apparel but never do, and occasionally read a picture book. Above, Cate discovered the shark heads that you can make chomp by squeezing the long handle. She also figured out that the rubbery turtles fit perfectly in the shark mouth. She wanted to feed every color of turtle to the shark that day. I watched her first manually make the shark chomp and then figure out that she could squeeze the handle with both hands to make it eat. I loved watching her figure that out.

cate the brave

Just inside the entrance, to the right, is The Amazon hall. There are some whistling ducks or birds that look similar (their pond pictured from above in the bottom picture), piranhas, a huge anaconda, turtles, toucans, frogs, toads, an electric eel, gross monstrous cockroaches and spiders, enormous prehistoric-looking fish, and most importantly the rope bridge! Even when Cate was rather small, she figured out how to cross the bridge by herself and her favorite thing to do is go across and run around to do it again and again. And again. At this point we usually walk over to the playplace which is quite large, multi-leveled and full of fun toys. We often pack a lunch and eat while there.playtime

Once I taught Cate how to hold onto the netting to help pull herself up onto the steps, it has been fun watching her explore the different levels of the indoor park and find her way around to the long slide and other activities inside the jungle gym. It really is a great little play place with slides and ropes and bars, and light games, just a great way to get out some energy. And a warm dry park during the winter. One time we brought Tiny Penguin to the aquarium and on our way down the main stairway, Cate accidentally dropped her and we watched her pop head over feet all the way down the stairs. Cate was laughing hysterically. She thought it was the funniest thing and kept talking and laughing about it on the car ride home. dinsk_ocean_with the jellies

Other sections include an Asia portion with lots of different birds and a leopard, a theater, the penguin emporium, deep sea room, a Utah dedicated section with otters and other Utah-native aquatic life, and a room for jellyfish. The jellyfish room is fun because it has this swirling light that makes it look like water is moving around on the ground. Cate likes to dance around in it. So, aquarium fun!



Dawn Inskip Ocean kit

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  1. Yvette Ungricht permalink
    March 14, 2018 12:03 am

    Love that little Cate bug. But I am getting a little tired of the “Find Dory’s Family” game.

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