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Taxi Drive etc;

Haloo from Egypt!  Well we arrived safely in Cairo yesterday and had some adventures almost immediately.  Blair Van Dyke, the tour director, suggested we go check out the “Old Market.”  It was a crazy 45 minute drive away by taxi.  The little shops were all selling the same things; I suppose it’s what you would call a flea market.  It was the taxi drive that was the most adventuresome, however.  There are lines on the road, which you would think indicate the number of lanes, but they don’t.  To we Americans, it looked as though there should only be three lanes of traffic, but no one pays any attention to the lines and there ends up being four or five cars across.  All the drivers are honking their horns all the time, little taps to let the other drivers know that they are right next to them (as in a few inches away literally) or that they want to move over in the other lane.  It was very … intense.  Judy kept going “Waaah!” and throwing up her arms when another car came too close.  Most of the cars were scraped along the sides too –no surprise.  So that was our first night.

Yesterday we woke up early and visited the three pyramids, the sphinx, the oldest pyramid (which actually isn’t a pyramid it’s a step-pyramid) and a rug store.  We rode camels at the pyramid and took some fun pictures.  At the pyramids, we went insides the one that Chephren had built.  We had to stoop down while we scaled steep inclines and declines to get to his final resting place.

Let’s see, what else did we see?  We went to a place where they showed us how they made and make papyrus, that was pretty cool.  They totally cater to Mormons too because they had papyrus pictures of the facsimiles in the book of Abraham.  Andrew and I got a papyrus picture that shows a pharaoh and his wife to be symbolizing their love.  Aaaah.  The girls, Yvette, and I, got cartouches.

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